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Knowledge of the use of various seasonings in cooking

Time:2022-05-10 17:46:17

What seasonings are the most nutritious when cooking? When should seasonings be added, and what seasonings should be added? How to keep the nutrients in the dishes from being destroyed to the greatest extent, and maintain the color and aroma of the dishes after cooking, this is indeed a big question— —

Salt - has a lot of attention

Soybean oil and rapeseed oil are used for cooking. In order to reduce the loss of vitamins in vegetables, salt should be added after frying. When cooking with peanut oil, because peanut oil is easily contaminated by Aspergillus flavus, salt should be placed in the fryer first. This can greatly reduce aflatoxin; when cooking with meat oil, you can put half of the salt first to remove the residue of organochlorine pesticides in the meat oil, and then add the other half of the salt; when cooking meat dishes, in order to make the meat It is best to add salt when it is fried until it is mature.

Vinegar - early is better

When cooking, if you add a little vinegar after the vegetables are in the pot, it can reduce the loss of vitamin C in the vegetables, increase the dissolution of calcium, iron, phosphorus and other mineral components, and improve the nutritional value of the dishes and the absorption and utilization rate of the human body.

Soy sauce - before serving

Cooking soy sauce at high temperature for a long time in a pot destroys its nutrients and loses its umami. Therefore, the soy sauce should be placed just before the pan.

Sugar - put sugar first and then salt

When making sweet and sour carp and other dishes, you should put sugar first and then add salt. Otherwise, the "dehydration" effect of salt will increase the coagulation of protein and make it difficult to fully understand the sugar flavor, resulting in the sweetness on the outside and the taste on the inside.

Wine - when the temperature in the pot is the highest

When cooking fish, sheep and other meat dishes, put some cooking wine to remove the fishy smell by the evaporation of cooking wine. Therefore, the best time to add cooking wine should be when the temperature in the pot is the highest during the cooking process. In addition, stir-fried shredded pork should be added with wine after the shredded pork is stir-fried; fried fish should be added with wine after frying; fried shrimps should preferably be added with wine after frying; soups are generally simmered and simmered on low heat after the pot is boiled. Put wine.

MSG - add before serving

When heated to above 120 ℃, monosodium glutamate will turn into coking sodium glutamate, which is not only devoid of umami, but also toxic. Therefore, MSG is best added before frying.

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